Your customers hate standing in line.

So simple.

They order it

Let your customers stay with their mates. EZQ makes it easy to create a menu that is simple for anyone with a smartphone to order from you, and not have to line up.

You serve it

Instant push notifications for new orders. All orders will appear in the mobile app where your staff can process them.

Download it.

Let EZQ take your orders.

With EZQ remote ordering platform, your customers can buy yourproducts from their smartphone, from anywhere.

From their table

On the way to work

Your customers will love EZQ.

With EZQ Virtual Queue, customers don’t need to wait in a line, they can do it from their phones. EZQ can update them as their order progresses.

About EZQ

What is EZQ?

Customers can order your stuff from their table or elsewhere, rather than waiting in line.

They will know when their order is ready by checking their phone.


No dedicated hardware required, no setupcosts. Just sign in and add your products or services. Simple.

Extend your reach

Get more orders and fill them faster with the EZQ queue management and ordering platform.


You will receive the order on any phone, or tablet as soon as they happen. Your customers will get real-time status updates of their order if you choose.

Be more productive

Have your staff fulfilling orders, and let EZQ take the orders.

Everyone loves EZQ

You can stay with your mates while ordering another round, or pre-order that coffee before work. Who wouldn’t love that?

Download it.

Avoid this view,
with EZQ

What does it look like?

Scan the QR code

This will load your product menu and any customisations into EZQ.

Order from your menu

You choose what products and pricing goes here, including variants like sizes and flavour add ons.

You will get a notification

Tap the notification to open the app

You process the orders

Just as you normally do, except faster


Your staff can use their own phones

Cloud based - no proprietary hardware required

iPhone and Android compatible

Sales reporting - coming soon

Add products with different sizes, and add-ons

Optional online payments

New order push notifications

Customer push notifications

Real-time stock levels

Table ordering - know what table or area the customer order came from


How do my customers find my menu?

EZQ will provide you with a digital QR code image that your customers can scan. Use this on your menus, signage, or anywhere you see fit. There will be a short 6 character code that can be input via the keyboard instead if the QR code isn’t available, or can’t be scanned for whatever reason.

How do you handle payments?

EZQ has partnered with Stripe to handle all credit card transactions and payouts. Upon signup to EZQ, you need to let Stripe know your bank account so that your money is transferred directly to your nominated account.

How much does it cost?

No hidden costs. A fixed monthly cost of $99 applies. To use online payments it costs just 5% including credit card and merchant fees.